Hurricane Policies and Protocol

Downloadable .PDF document: Hurricane Policies and Protocol

In the event of a storm or hurricane, Greene, Lewis and Associates is prepared to remain in operation in order to service our loyal clientele. Our patients and their owners are important to us, therefore our team will make every effort to be ready in the face of an emergency. In order for this to be possible it is important that our clients are equally prepared and are aware of our “hurricane protocol”.

Greene, Lewis and Associates is not a boarding facility. All horses and dogs must be picked up 48 hours prior to the onset of the storm.
If your horse is in our ICU please see below.

Emergency Services:
We know that our clients rely on us to be available in an emergency situation. We will continue our 24 hour emergency service that is already in place.
If there is a power outage, phone lines are down, or you are unable to contact us:

Come to the clinic to leave a note/message regarding your emergency

Messages will be collected and read by the doctor on call 2 times during the day. These times will be posted on the door and will be adhered to as closely as possible.

Response to these calls will be determined by the proximity of the farm and severity of the emergency.

Front Office Policy:
As with all other businesses, depending on the severity of the storm, our front office may be closed the day before, the day of, and the day after the event to allow our doctors and staff to be with their families. The office will reopen at the earliest possible time. Hours of front office operation (once resumed) will be posted on the clinic door and will be subject to change as life begins to return to normal.

ICU Hospital Cases:
Horses that are at the clinic in the ICU will be allowed to stay in the hospital if at all possible. Owners will be asked to:

Call the clinic and give all evacuation information, ie. Contact information, phone numbers, temporary location and back up person to call if unable to reach owner for treatment authorization.
Come to the clinic and sign additional consent forms and wavers.
If it is determined that the hospital is not a safe place to stay, evacuation to the nearest equine hospital accepting patients will be necessary. It will be the owners’ responsibility to transport the animal.

Dogs at the clinic:
In the face of a significant storm all dogs must be picked up 48 hours prior to landfall. We do not have the capability to run the AC unit during a power outage. Without proper temperature control dogs cannot be kept in the kennels. If someone other than the owner is sent to pick up the dog, written consent will need to be provided.

Owner preparedness at home:
Owner preparedness is the most important part of any hurricane protocol. Things that should be done prior to hurricane season:

Gather all ownership and registration papers
Have copies of current Coggins test. This is extremely important because crossing of state lines without a current coggins may be prohibited in some areas. The clinic will not be able to pull and run coggins the day before, the day of, and the day after the storm. It is imperative that you are prepared and your coggins is completed before you need it. Have copies of vaccination records 

Authorization to treat in owner absence: If you choose to evacuate and leave your horse in the care of another individual you will need to provide written authorization to treat in the event of an emergency. Due to liability issues we cannot treat your animal without this written consent. There is a form available online, or at the clinic and can be sent to the clinic by fax, email or mail and put in your file. In addition a copy should be left with the current caretaker. This will help decrease any confusion about treatment.




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  • "Love, Love, Love!! Everyone there is super nice and very helpful. Very reasonably priced and take great care of my goats."
    Emma S.
  • "Friendly people, reasonable prices, good medical care for my horse. Accepted phoned in pictures in advance for quick assessment."
    Tom S.
  • "I called the answering service around 1 am . A very nice lady answered my panic call. Small pygmy goat with a large breech baby. Matt responded to my call right away. Everyone is so kind and knowledgeable.
    Thank you Matt and staff for all your help. Job well done.... We also use these guys for our horse. I wish I could give you more the 5 stars....."
    Darla S.
  • "Will help any way possible and frindley"
    David M.